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Policy regarding product reviews on the decoclico website

The consumer reviews on the products published on our Decoclico site have 3 main objectives:  

- allow consumers to objectively evaluate a product  

- allow other Internet users to be advised in their product choices  

- allow Decoclico to constantly improve the satisfaction of its customers and the quality of its brand's products.  

No compensation is provided to the consumer in exchange for a review on our site.  

Terms of submission and composition of product reviews on the decoclico site  

All consumers can submit a review on the decoclico site by completing the form provided for this purpose on the site.  

These notices may be submitted after the consumer has been contacted by Decoclico by an e-mail with the subject “Following your order, your opinion interests us!” » sent to the consumer approximately 4 weeks after their purchase on our site. To do this, the consumer must click on the “give my opinion” button contained in this e-mail under the visual and the title of the purchased product on which they wish to give their opinion. The consumer is then sent to the review collection page.  

Product reviews on the Decoclico site consist of a rating on the product in the form of a star, a numerical rating, a title, a section called “my opinion”, the date of publication of the review. opinion by the consumer, of the nickname chosen by the consumer.  

- The rating is given by the consumer on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest rating and 5 being the maximum rating).  

- The “my opinion” section corresponds to the assessment of the product evaluated by the consumer in the fields provided for this purpose in the opinion collection form.  

- The overall rating displayed on the site on each product sheet in the form of stars and numbers is the arithmetic average of all the ratings collected from product reviews published by Decoclico and visible on our site for the same product. The overall rating displayed on the home page of the Decoclico site, the categories, the subcategories of the site or the page of a brand is the arithmetic average of all the ratings collected respectively on the site, the section, the subsection of the site or the page of a brand.  

- The date of publication of the opinion by the consumer which corresponds to the moment when the consumer published his opinion by clicking on “validate” in the opinion collection form.  

After completing the product review collection form, the consumer must click on "validate", the date of validation of their review will appear next to the nickname chosen next to their review when it appears on the site after having been submitted to the Decoclico moderation process described below.  

Each consumer can only submit one and only one review on a product they have purchased.  

A product review cannot be modified by its author once validated.  

As a reminder, no compensation is provided to the consumer in exchange for an opinion on our site.  

Consumers may be contacted by Decoclico by email for possible verification of the authenticity of the review. However, other Internet users on the site cannot contact the authors of the reviews.  

Content of product reviews and product review moderation process  

All product reviews on the decoclico site are subject to a moderation process. This moderation process aims to ensure compliance of reviews with this review policy and is carried out by Decoclico employees.  

Concerning the content of their product review, the consumer must not submit a product review that does not comply with the rules below:  

- a product notice whose content is contrary to any law or regulation in force  

- an opinion which may be considered defamatory, insulting, violent, rude, discriminatory, hateful.  

- a product review for which the consumer is in bad faith following improper use of the product  

- a product notice which demonstrates that the consumer has made the product non-compliant following misuse and/or transformation of the product after its receipt  

- a product review of which he knows that its content is inaccurate or misleading  

- a product review for which he would have received compensation from a third party or would have been paid  

- a product review which includes personal data  

- a product review which includes references to other websites, stores or blogs and/or includes hypertext links to other websites or blogs  

An opinion may be rejected during the moderation process and therefore be unpublished from the site:  

- When its content does not comply with one of the rules set out in the previous paragraph  

- When it concerns any after-sales service problem such as a damaged or missing product, an exchange, a return, a refund or any delivery problem. In this case the notice is transferred to Decoclico customer service, so that the consumer's request is taken care of. If in the comment it is specified that the after-sales service has already been processed, it will not be transferred or published.  

- When it concerns a presumed or proven dangerousness of the product. In this case, the product notice is communicated to the product department concerned, so that useful and necessary actions can be implemented;  

- When it concerns a presumed error in the description, dimensions or photo of the product, in such a case, the product notice is communicated to the product department in order to carry out checks. If the error is proven, Decoclico customer service/after-sales service will contact the consumer.  

- When it includes a notice on a product which is not the product on which it was posted  

- When it includes a reference to another product which is not the product on which it was deposited  

- When it refers to another brand, another brand or another website, blog and/or contains a hyperlink to another website or blog;  

- When it refers to the price of the product;  

- When it only expresses that the consumer has not yet used the product  

- When it does not include an opinion but a question intended for one of Decoclico's services  

- When it means nothing and is not understandable  

- When it has already been the subject of a review by the same consumer  

- When it is strictly identical to a review on the same product by the same consumer on another website  

As a reminder, each consumer can only submit one and only one review on a product they have purchased.  

All opinions as long as they have not been rejected following the moderation process described above, whether positive or negative, are likely to be published on the site.  

Notices are published in their entirety.  

Transfer of rights to the opinion produced by the consumer to Decoclico  

The consumer assigns to Decoclico the right to exploit the content of the product review that he or she posts on the site without time limit and without any compensation, the right to reproduce this review as well as the right to communicate about this product review. on the following media:  

- On the decoclico website and on Decoclico accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram etc.  

- In the newsletters sent by Decoclico to its prospects or customers  

- On all Decoclico advertising media such as catalogs, online or magazine advertisements, POS, posters, television, etc.  

- On all media intended for internal communication of Decoclico  

Period of publication and retention of product reviews and classification of product reviews on the decoclico site  

If they comply with our product review policy, they are published and remain visible on our site.  

Reviews on a product are published on the site for a period of 10 years from the date of validation by the consumer. Beyond this period, the notice is removed from the site and anonymized by Decoclico in order to archive them and keep them for an indefinite period.  

Reviews of products on the Decoclico site are listed in chronological order, from the most recent to the oldest. 

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